- Tapiela is a small beautiful cafe in the heart of México, trying to keep its simplicity and finesse reflected in its website. As Mexico City is such a large and metropolitan city, the cafe needed a space where users could have a taste of Tapiela first hand. Choosing a modern wordpress theme and alowing them to update their menu and pictures as fast as they change, with out loosing time, this is how they keep their costumers coming back for more.

Mi role

Insights, Conception, photo editing, UX + design. Costumisation of Wordpress theme by programming.


type of project

This small boutique cafe had no website. Its menu changes by season (veryfast) and they don´t have time for a developer to update this information every time.
I costumized this Worpress site from "head to footer" and it is just what they where looking for. All of this by using the correct web tools to communicate from Paris to Mexico!


the experience

The food connecting with the client is the most important thing for Tapiela, the menu is showcased in a way that user understads the fresh and authentic products they use in their recepies, they look so yummy. Made my hungry every time!


responsive design

One of the great things of Wordpress themes is they are reponsive, but when you modify the theme to make it more unique you need to adapte your changes and test it in diferent devices until it is beautiful and perfect.

Making neat things all around the world.