-The band wants to create a website that showcases music and style. They where looking for a space that will allow the user to access their music, videos and live pictures in a more personal way, while keeping their unique Parisian style. This website wiil open a creative dialog between the band, their fans, concert venues and music lovers.

Mi role

Insights, Conception, photo editing, UX + design. Frontend Development.


type of project

Being that music is one of my favorite things and as Duel is so profesional and committed to their passion for music that I couldn´t wait to work with such a contemporary band, we did not stop until we got this badass website created.


the experience

A website built around the esthetics of the band. Clean, clear and dealing with contrasts of black and white showcases with spectacular images of the band and its videos. If you wish to fall more in love with music this is the site.


responsive design

Being a Onepage it had to be clear and perfect, a balance of information and images that would keep the user engaged with the design until the end.

Design that will rock your socks!