- For nearly 15 years, they have worked with more than 600 law firms on the economic, technological and regulatory, structuring and development of their companies. Our optimizations make available, in addition to the strategy of conquering new customers, tools, asset management and real estate.

Mi role

Poject Management, Insights, Conception, Photo Editing, UX + Design. Frontend Development.


type of project

The client had a website that had not been updated for 5 years. He was eager to get something modern, fun and light. He wanted the user to have a feeling of comming home once he entered the site. A feeling of beloging and life. A space to feel part of.


the experience

A website design around the richness and style of the hotel. Chic, elegant, happy, full of life, bussines oriented and powerful. To show the the technoly aspect we created a svg animation that has a life of its own. We created a space were the client can update the information. We carfully selected the pictures and retouched them to get the ambiance we needed. This was one of most excinting projects.


responsive design

Simple, light and fast. User will be able to acces the information needed and use the site to its full potential in any device and in any browser.

A place in space to stay and play