- Created by Cristobal Soto in 2003, La Tina plays on the one hand arrangements by Pixinguinha, famous Brazilian choir composer and on the other hand a popular Venezuelan and Latin American repertoire arranged by Cristóbal Soto and other members of the band. Throughout her career Tina has participated in many events in France and abroad..

Mi role

Insights, Conception, photo editing, graphics, UX + design. Frontend Development in Wordpress.


type of project

Being the only cool latin fanfare group in Paris, this band was in search of the perfect website to animate and project the filosofy and style they have been building thought out the years.


the experience

With the help of the Artistic Direct from Altima I desing all the graphics and found a Wordpress theme, that was not only cost effective but suitable to the bands needs. The images and animations are costume made for this project.


responsive design

Being able to access the information from your mobile divices was key to the band comercial strategie, since you are able to listen to their music anywhere you choose.

Creating stuff that makes you want to dance.