- Hibbbou is a site of multicultural activites in diferent languages, by redesigning theire websit we gave them a new fresh and happy space that targets the shcools, the parents and the kids from all over the world currently leaving in Pairs. It will creat a dialog with the users, in 5 differents languanges, allowing them to find out that no matter where you are from it is easy to find a place in Paris to learn and have fun in the language of your choice.

Mi role

Insights, Conception, UX + design. Landingpage design and Programming.


type of project

My first intership in Paris and my first client as a Webdesigner. Redising the home page for this exiting start up compay. A new design means a fresh start. Rethinking the design together, suggesting new fonts, new colors and different graphics. This was so much fun.


the experience

A great start up company that understands that childrens education is the most important thing needs a space where children and grownups find themselves navigating in a fantastic world of choice and fun activities in different languages for kids in Paris.


responsive design

What would the Hibbbou experience be with out a awesome responsive design? This mobile version is as fun as the desktop version.

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